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Strasbourg, 1988.

I was born at that time… I didn’t know then, but the city celebrated its 2000 years of its existence.

But one thing is sure: I already knew very quickly, that I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful city.


The city with medieval towers and the Ill River

What is Strasbourg? A Germanic city, or maybe a Latin one ?

We will never answer to this question, and that’s why this city is so fascinating: at the crossroad of different cultures, Strasbourg has a unique feeling. 2000 years of heritage, located somewhere between North/East/South and West.

Le Palais des Rohan, typical French architecture, with the German Cathedral at the background.

Le Palais des Rohan, typical French architecture, with the German Cathedral at the background.

Yeah, Strasbourg it’s a Little city, like the  Little France. a district in the old town.

You can feel a unique atmosphere in this place: little and cute buildings with wooden parts, the relaxing sound of the river and the little bridges. It’s a very calm and relaxing place, which I advise to visit at night in summer after being drunk, around 4 AM. It’s like the city belongs to you and you only… magical.

The Little France (Petite France).

The Little France (Petite France).

Strasbourg is quite little in a European scale (Around 450 000 Inhabitants with the Urban Area) with a human dimension. The old town called “The Big Island” is as big as Krakow one, surrounded by the river. Since 1988, the entire old town is in UNESCO heritage.

Unfortunately no balloon like in Krakow to have this view :p

Unfortunately no balloon like in Krakow to have this view :p

But Strasbourg is also a big city… big as Our Lady of Strasbourg.

And BE CAREFUL! You can fall in love with this girl… She was the biggest building in the world during more than 200 years, she can be very attractive. With her 142 meters you can feel her strong nature, but she is still fragile at the same time. Sometimes, she can be inaccessible when it rains, and has a dark color.., but she can be also very sensual and welcoming with her orange dress, made by the sun. After all these years I still discover details I have never seen, from the bottom of her legs.

This cathedral is breathtaking, unique, and subtle.

This cathedral is breathtaking, unique, and subtle.

Strasbourg has also a feeling of a big city in some places, like the German district. A massive extension of the city  happened in the half of the XIX century, when Strasbourg was called  “Stra ßburg”. The Prussians wanted to show to France their know-how in architecture, and you can feel it with these buildings.

Place de la République  and their typical German Palaces

Place de la République and their typical German Palaces

And now one question to you, Dear reader:

Did you know what have in common New-York, Geneva and Strasbourg?  These3 cities are not capital of their country, but seat of important institutions. Strasbourg is an important political center, with the seat of the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.

The European Parliament and at the right of the photo, the European court of human Rights.

The European Parliament and at the right of the photo, the European Court of Human Rights.

We will stop now about politics, and I will tell about something for you, the studies:

The University of Strasbourg is the biggest one in France with 42000 students. And 20% of them are from abroad! With 17 Nobel prizes, this university is one of the best quality levels in France. Nevertheless, honestly, Strasbourg is not the best place for Clubs… but there are plenty of good bars, where you can drink Alsatian beer, and also eat a good Tarte Flambée (a kind of pizza, which is not a pizza) a typical Alsatian meal.

Tarte Flambée…Bon appétit ;)

Tarte Flambée… Bon appétit 😉

Also our city is big for its tramway network (the biggest one network in France with Lyon) which are very modern and fast. And no choice in Strasbourg, you are a cyclist or… you have to dodge them! With 560 km of bicycle track, it’s the biggest network in France. Everybody has a bicycle… Get one, burn your calories and you will be the boss of the city!

Excellent infrastructures, comfortable tramways.

Excellent infrastructures, comfortable tramways.

France is globally quite expensive, and it’s the same for Strasbourg. It’s hopefully cheaper than Paris. You can find some good quality dormitories for one person, with a monthly price of 150 euros. But France is a country where you can find a lot of benefits which can help you (like the “CAF”). And of course I want to tell you about the most important to conclude this article: The Beer price is around 5 Euros the half liter 😉

You have questions about Strasbourg?  It’s with a lot of enthusiasm that I will reply to your messages.

Ciao, and see you there!




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