Main Concert Juwenalia CUE 2013

Extraordinary 2-days concert organized in May 14th -15th on campus of Cracow University of Economics. Thousands of students gathered there to celebrate the end of another edition of Juwenalia CUE.


The first day on the main stage appeared foreign star – HADOUKEN – and the Polish bands – VAVAMUFFIN, KAMP! and MUCHY – and the winner of Rock Bands Review – Clock Machine!



In the tent, you could find club scene where you could dancing to the rhythm of a mash-up / R & B / funk / trap. The guests were DJ Kodi, DJ Flash and DJ Daaz. After the show we all went to the Cień club (Św Jana 15) for the after party.

The next day, even better things were waiting. The show started Papa Musta & The MenElse, and then on the stage appeared long-awaited O.S.T.R. with his son. Birthday concert, most of us will remember for a long time. Also Grubson didn’t stay behind. Contact with the audience was caught in 5 minutes! At the end, sang British band The Subways. Although it was not easy to understand „Dobry Wieczór” The Subways is a team to beat the best.

O.S.T.R z synkiem

O.S.T.R z synkiem

The Subways

The Subways

This time, on the club scene prevailed rhythms of house / electro-house / dub-step (NWR, Phil Jensky, HiTrash & eM Cntrl, Matt Scheller). On the After Party at Club Base (Św. Anny 6) we had fun until the morning.

See you next year!

Justyna Kisiel

More photos: Juwenalia UEK 2013


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