To each, his own! OW day 2.


The second day OW ESN UEK summer 2014 is already behind us. As always we had offered our guests the best ways to spend their first days in Krakow. It was absolutely amazing, as everyone had fun and also a chance to spend time with their new friends.

February 18th greeted us with beautiful weather, which was very beneficial to all of us, because in accordance to our plan we started the day with City Games. The start was on the Main Square, so participants could enjoy the view and at the same time listen to few words about the monuments, which are in the close proximity to this place. Next in the appropriate groups the students went to do various tasks.

However it wasn’t the end of attractions. The lovers of delicious treats had a chance to take part in the sweet Chocolate Workshops and the fans of racing had a possibility to enjoy a ride in Gokarts. As we say: to each, his own!

In Krakow during night the best fun starts, so it’s the best time to integrate with others and make some amazing memories. After the weeding day, which happened on the previous night, it was finally time for the second party – the Scary Night, with a totally different atmosphere (and people say that after the weeding nothing changes 🙂 ). That’s how the day of our journey came to an end and now we just can’t wait for the next events in Krakow.

Julia Klein

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