OW by ESN CUE – the 3rd day!


After the absolutely crazy first two days of Orientation Week, Wednesday began – the third day, and so … we gave our new students from abroad a little rest. However only until 14:00! 😉  Exactly then all of us had another opportunity to  meet at the Krakow Market Square in order to enjoy another round of our brilliant City Games! During the half-hour struggle, students had to complete a series of tasks, which included for example giving free hugs to Cracovians, dancing one of the Polish national dances or marking the characteristic points on the map of Krakow. Whilst performing the tasks Erasmus students had a chance to learn more about the city, as well as each other.

 Around 16:00 we went together to the next attraction, which was … ice skating! Despite the sunny weather, ice rink remained good enough to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, so the time spend there was totally unforgettable!

Evening is the best for partying, so this time we had offered our guests a chance to participate in the legendary tram party! After having a total blast in the tram,  everyone went to a club in the city centre, where at the „Traffic lights party”, our new friends were able to figure out which one … is busy, free or in a complex relationship 😉

Karol Peszko
Translation: Kinga Rynkiewicz

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