Friendship in the shadow of Giewont


After a crazy and full of attractions Orientation Week organized by ESN CUE, we invited our new foreign students for a weekend in the mountains. Kościelsko – here we come! On Friday, February 21st , two buses filled to the brim with a merry bunch of Erasmus and ESN members departed from the campus of the University of Economics towards Polish region of mountains, specifically the Tatra Mountains. Our purpose? Integration!

 According to our tradition, the program started with the games, during which Erasmus students had an opportunity to get to know each other and create the foundations for even further friendship … friendship for life. After dinner it was time for the first themed event – Pyjama Party! Of course, for the most creative students there was an amazing prize. This time the most original duo proved to be Alex Dejert from Sweden and Thomas Sievi from Switzerland.

 After a very short night, Jackie and Peter, the coordinators of the IC, had offered us a game called Hare and Hounds. Divided into five teams we had spent half of the day wandering up and down the charming Kościelisko in order to perform all the required tasks and find our final goal as soon as possible. After dinner we met again at the event called International Night. During it each nationality had a chance to present their characteristic dances, songs, games … This year, top honors French! Then, the participants of the camp had to quickly find some warm scarves and gloves because it was time for … a sleigh ride! In the glow of the torches and the accompaniment of bells once again we crossed the charming Kościelisko. At the end all of us could get warmed by sitting around the fire. On Saturday night we had another event – this time ESN party colors!

 And  on Sunday … tired but filled with joy we returned to Krakow. We all felt a bit sad that this amazing trip came to an end, however we all knew … that this is just the beginning!

Karol PeszkoTranslation: Kinga Rynkiewicz

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